sexta-feira, maio 15

Karol Martins at Bella Bella Boutique...

Saiu no blog Bella Bella Boutique:
Karol Martins Lingerie and is excited in carrying the brand with exclusivity in USA. Karol Martins is a hand made romantic lingerie brand from Brazil. Her pieces are carefully made one by one, with special attention to details and finishing. Her styles are very delicate and romantic, with a vintage feel and look but using modern cut for the best fit. She loves to use laise, cotton, satin, and lace in her gorgeous pieces. Her styles cater to the romantic woman in you. Karol Martins inspirations come from the old times, from jewelry details, and from vintage clothing. Each piece comes with a scented sache which can be placed in your lingerie drawer to keep your lingerie smelling heavenly. An extra bonus is that Karol Martins presents each of her pieces in a beautifully hand made lingerie bag, a gift for you!

segunda-feira, maio 11

Flor de Alfazema em Santa Cruz do sul - RS, exclusividade Karol Martins!

Inaugurou dia 8 de maio a Boutique de Lingerie Flor de Alfazema em Santa Cruz do Sul. Com uma proposta delicada, charmosa a boutique das sócias-proprietárias Fernanda Felix e Camila Pierozan.
A loja é simplesmente maravilhosa!!! É exlusividade Karol Martins em Santa Cruz do sul - RS.